Invaluable Benefits to BACCIMA from Participation in the Policy and Legal Options Workshop

From May 27th to 29th, 2024, the Director-General of the Badagry Chamber of Commerce Industry Mines and Agriculture (BACCIMA), Mr. Emmanuel Essien, represented the organization at the Policy and Legal Options Workshop held in Abuja. This pivotal workshop, focused on promoting and supporting Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) under the ECOWAS and AfCFTA Competition Framework, provided invaluable knowledge and strategic insights that will greatly benefit BACCIMA and its members.


A Rich Learning Experience

The workshop brought together policymakers, business leaders, and experts dedicated to enhancing the business environment for MSMEs. The sessions featured in-depth discussions on the challenges faced by MSMEs and the necessary policy reforms to support their growth. Key highlights included:


1. Expert Presentations:

   - Engaging presentations by industry experts, including Kamala, whose insightful and well-delivered talks provided a deeper understanding of the competition framework and its implications for MSMEs.


2. Interactive Discussions:

   - Lively discussions and Q&A sessions allowed participants to voice their concerns and suggestions, fostering a collaborative atmosphere where practical solutions were debated and developed.


3. Workshops and Breakout Sessions:

   - These sessions facilitated hands-on learning and networking, enabling participants to share experiences and best practices.


 Invaluable Benefits to BACCIMA

The knowledge and insights gained from this workshop are poised to bring several benefits to BACCIMA and its members:


1. Policy Advocacy:

   - The revised policy positions discussed, including the establishment of an online application platform with tracking facilities, transparent timelines for application responses, and a comprehensive FAQ page, will help us advocate more effectively for MSMEs within Badagry.


2. Enhanced Support Structures:

   - The strategies and frameworks outlined during the workshop will enable BACCIMA to develop more robust support structures for our MSME members, helping them navigate regulatory landscapes with greater ease.


3. Improved Communication:

   - Learning about effective communication strategies for policy advocacy will empower BACCIMA to better represent the interests of our members to regional and national policymakers.


4. Networking Opportunities:

   - The connections made with other chambers of commerce, policymakers, and experts will facilitate ongoing dialogue and cooperation, strengthening BACCIMA’s network and influence.


Special Acknowledgments

The success of the workshop is owed to the contributions of several key individuals. Special thanks to Yvan for his outstanding work and dedication throughout the workshop. Kamala's presentations were exceptional, and her pleasant demeanor greatly enhanced the sessions. Additionally, Ms. Natasha Aniekwu and Mr. Richard Eke Francis played crucial supportive roles in delivering a comprehensive and impactful workshop.


Gratitude to ITC

We are deeply grateful to the International Trade Centre (ITC) for organizing this enriching workshop. The opportunity to participate has been incredibly valuable, and we look forward to leveraging the insights gained to benefit BACCIMA and its members.



The Policy and Legal Options Workshop in Abuja was a transformative experience, providing practical strategies and fostering invaluable connections that will significantly benefit BACCIMA’s efforts to support MSMEs. We are excited about the future collaborations and the positive impact these new insights will bring to our community.


Thank you to everyone who made this workshop a resounding success. We look forward to the continued growth and success of MSMEs within the Badagry region and beyond.


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