BACCIMA Welcomes Honorable Sesi Oluwaseun Whingan

The Badagry Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture (BACCIMA) is pleased to announce the warm reception of Honorable Sesi Oluwaseun Whingan, Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on Petroleum Resources (Upstream) and Member of the House of Representatives representing the Badagry Federal Constituency.

As a prominent figure and dedicated representative of Badagry, Honorable Whingan's engagement with BACCIMA signifies a strengthened collaboration towards the development of trade and investment in the region. His vast experience and commitment to the growth of Badagry’s economy align perfectly with BACCIMA’s mission to enhance local business opportunities and economic prosperity.

During his visit, Honorable Whingan engaged in discussions about several key projects that require support and funding to drive economic progress in Badagry. These projects include:

1. The ECOWAS Trade Fair: A platform that promotes regional trade and economic integration among West African countries. Support for this event will boost the visibility and market access for Badagry-based businesses.

2. The Small Scale Informal Cross Border Trade Initiative: This initiative aims to formalize and support small-scale traders operating across the Nigeria-Benin border, providing them with the necessary training, infrastructure, and regulatory support.

3. Funding for The Annual General Meeting (AGM): Scheduled for June 28, 2024, this crucial event brings together stakeholders to discuss strategies for economic growth and development. Financial support is needed to ensure its successful execution.

4. Sponsorship of Trade Mission to Indonesia Coconut Value-Chain Expo 2024: This mission will explore international markets, particularly in the coconut value-chain, providing local businesses with opportunities to expand globally.

Honorable Whingan expressed his enthusiasm for these initiatives and reaffirmed his commitment to supporting BACCIMA’s efforts to foster economic development in Badagry. His involvement is expected to catalyze significant advancements in these projects, benefiting the local community and businesses.

BACCIMA extends its heartfelt gratitude to Honorable Sesi Oluwaseun Whingan for his dedication and support. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration that will drive the growth and prosperity of Badagry.