BACCIMA President Hosts Border Security Management Agencies for AGM Preparations

As part of efforts to ensure a smooth and secure Annual General Meeting (AGM), the President of the Badagry Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture (BACCIMA), Alhaji Fatai Adegboyega Shokunbi, hosted a critical stakeholders meeting with the Border Security Management Agencies. This meeting aimed to sensitize the agencies and solicit their support for the upcoming AGM, scheduled to take place from June 26th to 28th, 2024.

During the meeting, held at the BACCIMA headquarters, Alhaji Shokunbi highlighted the importance of the AGM for fostering trade and investment in Badagry. He emphasized that the success of the event heavily relies on the cooperation and proactive engagement of the security agencies, given the expected influx of participants from both within Nigeria and international locations, many of whom will be entering through the Seme Border.

"The security and seamless movement of our guests are paramount to the success of this AGM," said Alhaji Shokunbi. "We are grateful for the unwavering support of our border security partners and their commitment to ensuring that our event proceeds without any hitches."

The stakeholders meeting provided a platform for discussing security protocols, intelligence sharing, and coordination of efforts to mitigate any potential threats. The collaboration between BACCIMA and the Border Security Management Agencies is essential not only for the security of the AGM but also for promoting a positive image of Badagry as a safe and attractive destination for trade and investment.

Alhaji Shokunbi also expressed his gratitude to the security agencies for their continued support and dedication to the vision of BACCIMA. "Your role in maintaining security is critical to fostering economic development in Badagry. We look forward to a successful AGM and the strengthening of our partnership."

The AGM promises to be a significant event, bringing together key stakeholders to discuss and strategize on advancing trade and investment opportunities in Badagry. With the active support of the Border Security Management Agencies, BACCIMA is confident in delivering a successful and impactful event.